Fruit Shaped Treat Dog Toy

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Ideal for satisfying the dog's natural instincts for chewing, hunting and retrieving.


  • With Cavity For Dry Food & Snacks
  • Long-lasting Activity With Learning Effect
  • Controlled Feeding
  • Easy To Clean

It is made of robust food-safe rubber is a unique fruit-shaped snack toy with a circular opening at the bottom to hide dry food or treats. The snacks are unpredictably given to the dog, which encourages active play as well as mental and physical activity. 

Product Sizes:
Banana: 14*6 cm / 5.5*2.5 in
Pear: 7*9 cm / 3*3.5 in
Orange: 7.5*7 cm / 3*2.7 in

Main Material: 
Food-safe Rubber

Please Notes: 
1.Please never leave your pet unattended while playing. 
2.No toy is indestructible. To prevent injury, check the toy regularly for damage or loose parts and replace the toy if necessary.

Color: Pear