Pet Toothbrush Finger Toothbrush for Teeth Cleaning

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As pet owners, it is important for us to also pay attention to our pet's dental health. In addition to chew toys, a toothbrush is also one of the tools for dental care. 

  • Soft and gentle: The TPR material brush head is more easily accepted by pets, being gentle while effectively removing plaque. 
  • 180° surround: With just a few swipes, the entire mouth can be easily cleaned. The curved handle made of PP material is easy to grip, making the cleaning process more convenient. 
  • Caring for dental health: Suitable for dogs of all ages. Regular brushing can prevent dental calculus, plaque, and bad breath, as well as prevent dental problems in dogs during their senior years. 
  • Multi-purpose: The soft brush head can also be used to clean the dog's chin, ears, and paws.

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14.9*3*3.6 cm / 5.89*1.18*1.42 in