Plush Squeaky Dog Toy - Strawberry Potted

Sale price$55.00 AUD

Your dog will want this cute and fun Plush Squeaky Dog Toy - Strawberry Potted? It has squeaky strawberries, leaves with rattles and potted plants to hide food. This toy has a variety of ways to play to release your dog's high energy and relieve your dog's anxiety when left alone.


  • Multiple ways to play
  • Squeaker inside
  • Rustling sound
  • Sniffing game
  • Energy consumption
  • Washable



Product Sizes: 

Pot plant:12*11 cm / 4.72*4.33 in

Cotton rope:45 cm / 17.72 in 


  1. Do not bleach
  2. Do not swallow the desiccant